FALL stars Program

Fall Stars 2023 Overview

“Fall Stars” is modeled on the Spring “Select” program.  “Select” is a USA Softball-sanctioned program that provides the option for more advanced players to play softball at a more challenging level during the Spring recreational season.  No such program exists in the fall, but leagues can run their own Select-style programs – “Fall Stars.”

Each year, the recreational leagues lose players and volunteers (coaches, board members, etc.) to travel ball due to a desire to play softball at a more competitive level. “Fall Stars” allows more advanced players to practice with each other and to play against All-Star caliber teams from local leagues to get a higher level of competition without compromising the integrity of the primary recreational league.  This also allows players to compete at a higher level without the costs and travel associated with travel ball.

“Fall Stars” players also play in the recreational league, and they must participate in a minimum of 75% of all recreational league practices and games to remain eligible for “Fall Stars.”

Player Selection

To be eligible for “Fall Stars,” a player must be registered with the league and on the active roster of one of the recreational league teams. Playing on a “Fall Stars” team is a privilege. Final selection of players will be made based on evaluations, previous coach’s input (including intangibles like coachability), player attitude, and commitment level.

Evaluations will be the held at Alta Vista Park during the last weekend of August, in addition to the Rec Fall Ball evaluations.

Manager Selection

To be eligible to manage a “Fall Stars” team, the volunteer must have managed or coached at Redondo Sunset the prior year, and must have at least one year of experience managing or coaching (i.e., a dugout coach) at the All Star or Select level in any division.

Applicants must email the Softball Commissioner () no later than August 15, 2023. Assuming the existence of qualified candidates, the Executive Board will choose Managers for each team, excluding Executive Board Members that are candidates. Executive Board Members that submit applications to be Select managers will not be included in the voting process. The Manager may choose his/her coaching staff as long as the coach has not been denied a team for disciplinary reasons.

The Manager must be ACE Certified and concussion certified. This is an additional time commitment separate and above the background check and SafeSport requirements.


An additional registration fee is required, and unfortunately it is about $300 to cover the costs of umpire fees (for interleague “friendlies”, separate from the tournaments), uniforms, and tournament entries. We are hoping to enter into the following tournaments this fall:

October: “Norco Spooktacular”, October 8th and 15th (both Sundays) Norco, CA – all divisions
November: “TOGSA Select”, November 11th and 12th, Thousand Oaks, CA – all divisions
December: “Big League Dreams”, December 9th and 10th, West Covina, CA – all divisions
“Holly Jolly”, December 10th and 11th (10U and 12U), December 16th and 17th (14U), North Torrance, CA – all divisions except 8U

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