Background Check & Safesport

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in volunteering at Redondo Sunset! Our league is 100% volunteer-run, which means that every manager, coach, team parent, and “helper at practice” you see working with your girl during practices or games is a parent or other adult who chooses to volunteer their time for the benefit of the girls in our league.

It is extremely important that we all have confidence that every adult who works with our girls has completed the process explained on this page. The safety of every girl at Redondo Sunset matters. To accomplish this goal, we follow the guidelines of our governing body (USA Softball) and require every volunteer to (1) pass a background check and (2) complete SafeSport (child sexual abuse) training before stepping foot on the field to work with the girls. We also follow state law and require (3) concussion certification (HS 124235) and (4) LiveScan (AB 506).

STEP #1: USA SOFTBALL BACKGROUND CHECK. You can read instructions for the background check via the link below (document 1). Then simply email that you would like to volunteer, and you’ll be entered into the USA softball database and will receive a welcome email from USA softball to begin the process.

STEP #2: SAFESPORT. This is federally mandated child sexual abuse training – please read and follow the attached Step-by-Step guide (document 2 below) in order to complete SafeSport training. If this is your first time completing SafeSport, you can expect to spend a few hours at your own pace completing. If you’ve done SafeSport before, then you’ll take a shorter “refresher” course.

If you have trouble with SafeSport, please first reach out to USA Softball for help at .

STEP #3: Concussion Certification. Simply follow the instructions for the “Heads Up” concussion training from the CDC website (document 5 below). After completing the training, please download your Certificate of Completion and email it to softball commissioner at .

STEP #4: LiveScan. Fill out the LiveScan form below and bring it along with our government-issued ID to All Safe & Secure at 4172 PCH, Unit 103 in Torrance, 310-373-3202.

STEP #5: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate. EVERY COACH must take this course. This is a newly mandated course by the State of California and takes approximately 15 minutes after you have set up your account and begin the course. Start at the following link.

    • Click on “Register” tab at the top of the page.
    • Fill in email and create your password (must be at least 8 characters)
    • Click on “I’m not a Robot” box and then click “NEXT”
    • Enter Name, Address, phone number and click “FINISH”
    • Enter your legal name for Certificate and either Administrator or parent as Primary position. Confirm you are taking the course in California and click FINISH
    • Pop up box will open, press CONTINUE where it should take you back to the front page
    • Select State as “CA” and click on ORDER COURSE
    • Course completed by “MYSELF” and click CONTINUE
    • On the checkout page, it should show $0 due. DO NOT ADD MEMBERSHIP, click CONTINUE
    • On the Order Receipt page, click on GO TO MY COURSES at the top of the page
    • Click on “COURSES” on the menu to the left – Verify email
    • BEGIN COURSE – If you have a problem with the course loading, most likely it is a browser issue.

Thank you for helping to protect the girls of Redondo Sunset Softball!

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